REM - Everybody Hurts: Most Depressing Song of All Time?

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mushroom25 | 19:10 Tue 31st Jan 2012 | Music
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the headline says "depressing", but the report suggests they really meant "sad", as in most likely to move the listener to tears.

the complete survey list is shown in the article - are they truly the songs that most move you to tears? or are they just depressing?

What would get your vote?


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But I don't find it depressing in the slightest!
This is the saddest song I know
This spooks me! Also Terry by Twinkle 1964 - will find youtube clip in mo
Was it the Smiths who sang Heaven knows I'm miserable now?
4getmenot: I first heard the song 'If Heaven Was Needing A Hero' on the American show Extreme Makeover Home Edition and loved it but it's a very sad song and still gets me now and I've heard it so many times!

By the way, I'm Scrummy Yummy, not Scrummy Mummy! I wouldn't be so narcistic as to describe myself as a scrummy mummy! When I made the name up, I was thinking of food, hence yummy scrummy but decided to reverse it. I would hate you ABers to think I loved myself!
You"ll have to go some to match..Happy Tom!
I have been down lately, but love everybody hurts-its true to life, I hate 'I will always love you' that one will always be painful...
lol I think I called you that on another thread too. Can I just call you scrummy? lol
Of course you can, 4getmenot! I'm still blushing to think people might think I was so vain to call myself a 'scrummy mummy'! I think I've also been called 'yummy mummy' by mistake! I can assure you I am not a yummy mummy! Lol!
That's going round in circles, robert. Did you know you are posting on old threads people will have forgotten about. You may want to look at more recent threads if you want people to see your comments

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REM - Everybody Hurts: Most Depressing Song of All Time?

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