Song with lots of "oohs"

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mayviabelle | 22:42 Mon 16th Jan 2012 | Music
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I am trying to find out what a song is but I have little info - it's got lot's of oohs in it - sounds like a male vocal and it is being used in the ad on sky living for series 17 of america's next top model - can anyone help please? tia x


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Question Author this is a link to the ad I'm talking about!
I can't make out any background song at all, on that trailer.
I agree with boxtops- I didn't hear lots of Oohs
Hi all, it is "I was made for loving" you by Kiss......
"I was made for loving you" Kiss.... know what I mean.
Thanks. I know that song and will have to listen again as I'm surprised I missed that
It's at about 30 seconds, only on for about 7/8 seconds.
johne is right, factor.

Just when Tyra starts talking and says "I've been through all the cycles and brought back all your favourites"
Question Author
thankyou! it is indeed that KISS song :) I have been wandering around oohing for an age I can finally follow it up! thanks again :)
sympathy for the devil ????? rolin stones
Hi hazelwood2- it's already been established that this was Kiss

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Song with lots of "oohs"

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