I am trying to find the title/artist of a classic 1990/1991 dance/trance track

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alexstilllooking | 01:05 Sun 08th Jan 2012 | Music
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It came out sometime before 1991, as I had it at school, as an old school vinyl, then I even bought it again in late 1990's on tape, I think as an EP, or short album, but I still manage to forget the name!!

I thought it was maybe Gus Gus but I dont think they were around at the time, then I though maybe sub sub, as part of my brain tells me the creators name was a short name that perhaps repeated?

It was kindof a self helf / hypnosis womans voice, superimposed onto an eary trance/techno backing track. The music itself was pretty much 'just' an electronic/piano riff to a beat, where the beat kicked off a bit at various points through the track. Certainly not hard techno, more of a trancey dance type track. The lyrics spoken by a woman that I can remember are, "Imagine your self in a beautiful desert island, imagine your partner is there with you, if you dont have a partner right now just imagine your perfect partner, just relax, you can relax, now..... just let go...." Then the music takes over

I remember annie nightingale played it a couple of times on her late night show on BBC Radio One. But I still have a blank trying to find it. And doing a search on the half remembered 12 inch dance track lyrics has not come up with anything

So if the above ramble makes sense to anyone it would be great if you could post up here what it is, if you know the track you will know from the above waffle. But if the above is just mindless nonsense then it means you are as much in the dark as I am, and I am sorry for wasting your time!!


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Will Powers - Adventures In Success??
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luvving that tune Jay! and yes that is very close to the kind of track I meant, but the one I am after has a woman's voice rather than the guy speaking on this one. But the track I am after is very similar in style, just a womans voice ''saying the same kind of thing' over a beat with a simple electronic melody, that just builds to bit of a crucendo at a few spots. So thanks very much for the link as I think it is a great tune, just its not quite the puppy I am after
This is the one i thought of immediately. But probably not the one as you say it was a female voice and those lyrics aren't in there. good tune though....!!!!
Question Author
Thanks Andy, and yeah thats another variation on the theme! so thanks for that link. And yes the one I had in mind is just marginally more melodic, getting closer to trance rather than electronic, and a semi-erotic womans voice, you know slow and husky! Hopefully some day I will remember what the hell it was called or that someone will come across my ramblings who knows the tune, thanks again
the orb? little fluffy clouds?
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Thanks for that, and yes that is another great track, so I guess my waffle above does give the right general feel for the track I am after. As it has the same general vibe as Little Fluffy Clouds. As it too is an Electronic/trance track,mostly percussion with a simple melody on top, and a woman waffly pretty much nonsense on top! Hopefully someday someone will come across this blurb and remember what the track is, it would really make a great start to the new year, fingers crossed.....
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hi, just thought I would re post this to get it refreshed as I have had no joy finding this track as yet. Well no joy finding this exact track but I have been going thru loads of old tunes on Youtube, such as the one attached, which was kind-of the genesis for me, back in the day, starting my love affair with electonic dance style music
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wow, just come across this one, and its a wow to me as its very similar vibe to the one I am after, but grrrrrrrrr this is a type of torture as,i can hear the track I mean in my head, and these tracks are close, but not the puppy I am after!!

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I am trying to find the title/artist of a classic 1990/1991 dance/trance track

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