where can i download music

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dee2912 | 15:13 Sat 26th Nov 2011 | Music
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Hi all where can i download free music just for personal use only, sumthing simply i used limewire years back but then it stoped any help would be great thanks


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Try 'Frostwire', but be careful of the bogus 'tracks' that come up
I'm intrigued to know why you feel you should be able to use somebody's work without paying for it.

This isn't a criticism, implied or otherwise. I'd be interested to know.
^^ Hear! Hear!'s download site (You have to download the software to download the music) has free tracks...

theres tons of of free music on the internet that is put there to promote an artist, youtube for example has loads of music people just write at home and put up for critiqueand they arent asking for any payment.
I use bearshare lite to download music, in answer to the question by another person about using somebody's work without paying for it, back in the 80s i ran my own disco i had over 10,000 singles, and over 1,000 albums. all were stolen as i paid full price for them all those years ago, i dont see why i should pay for them again

downloading music you haven't paid for without the specific permission of the artist is STEALING

<no excuses accepted>

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where can i download music

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