Music player??

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E.R. | 21:43 Fri 15th Jul 2011 | Music
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I have lots of old cassette tapes but my player has given up the ghost and I've nothing to play them on. Some are home recordings. I want buy a player.Does anyone know where I might get one?


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where abouts are you roughly?
try Richer Sounds
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Norn Ireland!!
What type of cassette player are you looking for?

Argos will sell you a good, old-fashioned 'shoebox' recorder:

Or a Walkman:

Or several 'beat boxes', such as this one:

Full range here:

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Thanks Scotman and Buenchico. I'm not too sure what they're called these days. The "old fashioned box" sounds ok. Will try Argos.
Yes Argos!
You could also try second-hand or charity shops.
Try a carboot,They often sell old cassette players for next to nowt. And I can't see anyone wanting to try con you on an old cassette player,They wouldn't expect to gain a lot from it anyway! Maybe a top market CD player but not an old out of date cassette player.
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Thank you all for your suggestions, I'll certainly have a go. Great idea those bootsales! E.R.

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Music player??

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