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Cmitchell | 12:29 Mon 04th Apr 2005 | Music
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I love the track "I See Girls" by Studio B, but wasn't part of this song used in an advert? Was it an advert for Lynxx?  And why are only the lyrics (from the first part of the song) familiar and not the melody/tune?

Also can you get the version that was on the advert, on the CD single of this song?

Many thanks in advance. Cheers Mitchell


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The lyrics to this song were indeed used in a Lynx deoderant advert about a year ago, with lots of scantily clad females doing everyday jobs, like working in McDonalds and stuff ("The 24-Hour Lynx Effect"). The original version is available from Limewire to download as Studio B feat. Romeo - "I See Girls". The version everyone keeps hearing on the radio is in fact a remix.

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