Musiica...musica por favor

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naartje | 00:24 Tue 24th May 2011 | Music
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Would someone kindly play anything from Tricky s - Maxinquaye -muchas gratias


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A Symphony tamborine - thank you
never heard of them - they're good to chill too
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He is a propergeezer from knowle west in Bristol....the tales about him are legion

20 years ago ,he scrounged a fag or two of me,upstairs at the Montpelier Hotel

in the Pool room - he had a big bag of weed in his lap at the time

True Story from my mate,one of his people in NYCity - armed raiders burst into the

Hotel Room - 3 of his people ,sitting ,chillin...they gettin all nervous then..

Tricky emerges from the adjoining room and says - Hey ,man whathefcuk you want

Gun totin robbers say - Hey mam,you got drugs here,we know you do

Tricky -Modderfokkers - you know who im with,Im from Knowle West

raider 2 -- Jesus Christ hes fron Norwest
Question Author
.....lets get the fluff outta here Raul!!!!
these are good too.....introduce me to some more, I like your choice
beady eye
Question Author
thanks again tamborine - if youre looking for performers - you got James Brown

Prince ,,,,and of course ,and Mr Chuck Berry -- please play Mabeylene
am off now - g'nite

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Musiica...musica por favor

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