80's Song about WW1

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solo1bc | 23:58 Wed 23rd Mar 2005 | Music
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Can anyone remember that song in the 80's that was kind of bouncy and about a soldier writing home in the first world war. I can remember the record sleeve (yount guy in british ww1 uniform).... It's on the tip of my tongue but...!!


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The only one that springs to mind is Jona Lewie, Stop The Cavalry. He wished he could be home for Christmas.
There was also Goodbye-ee by 14-18 which charted in 1975 - a guy in a WWI uniform apeared on TOTP doing the song
And that boy grew up to be Pete Waterman. Well, I guess he already *was* Pete Waterman, but you know what I mean.
Paul McCartney did one abouth the first world war and he was dressed in uniform - was about Xmas but cannot for the life of me remember what it was - it was a catchy tune.
That was "Pipes Of Peace". It wasn't really about christmas, it just came out around that time of year.

pipes of peace and stop the cavalry spring to mind but stop the cavalry is set during wwII.

Well, the options that spring to my mind have been said already, but for me it sounds like Jona Lewie. If you really do remember the picture on the sleeve, try this link to see if it's the right one.

 "I have had to fight almost every night,up and down this century..Oh its very cold out here in the snow,can we stop the cavalry...Chorus..Wish I could be home for Xmas." Is that it?

pretty much anything by pink floyd or raoger waters post the wall album.
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Jona Lewie is it!  Thanks everybody!

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80's Song about WW1

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