Who else saw Madonna in concert Cardiff Last Night.?

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lilacben | 14:08 Sun 24th Aug 2008 | Gigs & Clubs
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Who else saw Madonna last night.? My husband and I did. After a very long wait she came on, great lady and still great voice. Only thing was the seating which was cra-, Second price tickets and miles away from stage.Just an ant in the distance.!


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I think thats the way of most big concerts, we went to see neil diamond and you would have had to have a telescope to see him, if i was not for the large screen!!!
Im going to see her at wembley stadium in a couple of weeks. What time did the doors open at cardiff? and what time did she come on? Don't fancy sitting there for hours watching support acts. My tickets havn't even arrived from ticketmaster yet.
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lozlg, well the doors should have opnened at 5.30 but didnt until 6.10 There was no support act .!!!!!!!!! Madonna came on at 9.10. All we had in that time was low music nothing was said at all. Then when she did come on just said hello and did the show and went off. The End!! no encore, goodbye,thank you's nothing..! I just hope that in Wembley the floor isnt as big as Cardiff and the stage isnt so far away.
madonna is an old hag whos had her time, she should retire.

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Who else saw Madonna in concert Cardiff Last Night.?

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