Adele - 21 Have You Heard It Yet?

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WELSHYORKIE | 14:07 Mon 24th Jan 2011 | CD's, DVD's, Videos
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Has anybody listened to the new album from Adele entitled 21?

I know Lofty Lottie has ordered it and i'm going to get it on the way home from work but just wondered what you think of it or indeed Adele.


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Don't DO that................!!! :o/
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I take it you don't particularly care for her then, Jack?
Have heard a few snippets from it, has a good write up as well. Will be getting it this week. One of our best new talents.
Er - who is she?
Loved the last album so will probably buy this one. Adele has a fantastic voice.
I do like's not's something else :o/
Boxy,she sings Make you Feel My Love...makes me a bit teary this one
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Barb, got the cd last night and listened to it in the car on the way home - very good. Stopped off at Tesco and bought the first album - 19 - and that was excellent. OH cried buckets when she heard make you feel my love. When I asked why it made her cry she just said 'I don't know, it just does'.
It, and She, are (is?) just great !

I can also recommend Plan B's 'Defamation of Strickland Banks', Fyfe Dangerfield's Yellow Moon and Imelda May's albums. I'm torn between the 4 of them at the mo in my car cd.
Defamation of Strickland Banks is a fantastic album, definitely a thumbs up for that one, my current favourite is lissie, catching a tiger though.

Will probably get 21 when in town today, liked the last album so the new ones gotta be worth a listen.
My daughter bought me it for chrimbo chuck. I opened it and thought "Plan B? A rap boy?" but listened to it & loved it straight away.
I think it surprised a lot of people that he went from rap and then suddenly released an absolutely cracking soul album.

He does sound like such an Essex boy when he speaks though!
It has a bit of everything in there - a lot reminded me of the old 'northern soul' days, a motown sound. Yup, loved it.

Anyway, sorry welshie, back to Adele......!
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Sal, if you're into soul, look out for a compilation cd called mod mania - a way of life. I have this and has loads of that type of music on it
I downloaded the 21 Album at the weekend and had it in my car all week. I love this album, every song is just amazing. tracks 5 and 11 are the best i think. great for driving too, and great for winding down too, best cd i have bought in a while :)

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Adele - 21 Have You Heard It Yet?

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