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lesblue | 16:39 Tue 14th Dec 2010 | Artists
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I'm taking Mrs Blue to see them on Thursday. She has always been a big fan, where I can take them or leave them. Has anyone seen them live and can I expect a good show?


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Especially if he performs the 'rabbit sex trick' and gets away with it.

Last time, he got caught 'holding back the ears'.

His defense was that, 'the bunny's too tight to mention'

Sorry ... I'll get my coat.
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oh dear!!
I know. :-))
It will be a very slick professional show.

A lot of people really enjoy the music Mick Hucknall makes - it is undemanding and well performed, so your wife will enjoy it.

If you are at all aquainted with fire, soul, passion, interaction, movement, feeling, emotion, empathy, bonding, power, and anything approaching a memorable event as your requirments for a good concert, then take an i-pod with music of your choice!
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Thanks Andy. I'm "getting my own back" in Feb, when she will have to endure an evening in the company of Roxy Music...............
i never liked simply red but my girlfriend did , ended up seeing him 5 times and i even went to see him on my own for the last show
ps you always get a lot of nice crumpet going to his shows :)
Now that's more like it - you can advise your girlfriend to compare and contrast - plastic soul played by session musicians compared with groundbreaking art rock played by a proper band.

Have a good one!
in complete agreement with andy-hughes. Everything is perfect, almost too perfect but there is something missing - soul and spontaneity. It's just like they are going through the motions having done it hundreds of times before.
It's not like that - it is that!
Les will it be the full lineup Brian Eno and all, or is it just Ferry with some unknowns?
The nucleus of Roxy remains - Ferry, Manzanera, Mackay and Thoimpson, who have all been there since Day One.

Various bass players and other musicians have come and gone - most often on the bass is Guy Pratt, son of Mike Pratt of 'Randall & Hopkirk' fame - that's one for the pub quiz!
les... how was the ginger twart?
> The nucleus of Roxy remains - Ferry, Manzanera, Mackay and Thoimpson, who have all been there since Day One.

Although Paul Thompson left after Manifesto in 1979 and didn't play on Flesh and Blood or Avalon...
You trying to drop the wife ? well - I've heard it all now :D
Keep the wife on a leash.....for the sake of the kids

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snags.........the ginger twart was OK, nothing more, nothing less in my opinion. He's got a decent voice (which I already knew), he's performed some decent songs (which I already knew) and he is one ugly looking sod (which I already knew).
The wife had a great time, though, and I earned myself some brownie points.
Dave...........I understand the line-up at the moment is Ferry, Thompson, Manzanera and Mackay. Would be surprised if Eno toured with them.

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