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tourdeforce | 02:34 Wed 17th Sep 2008 | Artists
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Hello folks
I was wondering if you good people could come up with a list of groups with abbreviated names and what they stood for. e.g. REM - Rapid Eye Movement.
Thank you very much


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The group REM actually stands for Rapidly Earining Money so I read the other week, and not Rapid Eye Movement as Everybody assumes.

ELO- Electric Light Ochestra
that's the only one I can think of.
There's T.Rex, of course - shortened from Tyrannosaurus Rex.
OMD= Orchestral Moneovers (<dodgy spelling) in the Dark.
ELP - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
PFM - Premiata Forneria Marconi (a bit obscure, I know)
<smacks forehead>

Forgot the obvious!

ABBA :-)
Bee Gees (Barry Gibb)
Actually...thinking about ABBA one?

I know it's an abbreviation of their names, but they weren't also known collectively by their names were they?
Brothers Gibb rather than just Barry, I think.

B00 stands for the Bling Orchestral Organisation.
M People? (M stood for Manchester)
jno knows me well, im blinged up to the eyeballs. And again...are Bee Gees and M People proper abbreviations? They also weren't otherwise known by that name.

Oh im so confused now :-(
B.G. - Baby Gangsta

Notorious B.I.G. - Iv included the verse as it was easier

B is for the, who can't understand
How one fly ***** became a man
I is for the way it goes in and out
One by one I knocks em out
G is for the way the game goes in the gutter
Other MC's man they ain't sayin nuthin
Rockin on, to the break of dawn
Make the give the get the mouth I'm gone
I'm sure it's from Barry Gibb.
EMF - Epsom Mad Funkers
KLF - don't know what it stood for though.
AC-DC, not sure if it actually stood for alternating and direct current.
BAD = Big Audio Dynamite
XTC = Ectacy
TATU + This there (in Russian)
NWA = N*ggers With Attitude
WASP = White Anglo Saxon Prtestants

PIL - Public Image Ltd
ATB - Andre Tanneberger

UB40 - Get A job You Lazy sod.
SWV - Sisters with voices

google it

prangy i see ur 3ightballsup t0ssser

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Abbreviated Pop Group Names

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