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Patsy33 | 21:45 Sat 04th Mar 2017 | Artists
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Watched a bit about Elvis Costello's life and music earlier this evening. What a talent that man is. Great songs, great voice.


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Its been a good year for the roses

I know he's well respected in the trade for his music, writing and producing but his music has never done it for me. Wouldn't go out of my way to listen.
What the Cap'n say's.
I only sort of liked this one.

Have you heard his wife?

Who is his wife ?.
Fantastic musician. I saw him at the Montreal Jazz Festival a couple of years ago, and then he guested with his wife the next night - she was a much bigger attraction (see what I did there!) - she was on a huge outdoor stage, she is a jazz legend.
Thanks jo. I was hoping it would be someone with Abbot has a surname ;-)
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I just googled Diana Krall, another with great voice. I love Elvis Costello's energy and passion. Thanks for putting songs up Sorpiojo. Great stuff!

I really like his stuff, however I dont think he has a great voice, it just seems to work with the songs that he sings.

"A good year for the roses was his best"
I too am not a great fan of his voice, but have Oliver's Army in my collection of singles. It's the heaviest 7" single I've ever felt! Very well made for its' time.
Oh, and 'Watching the Detectives' wasn't half bad either!
His voice, and his work generally, won't be everyone's cup of tea but I do like him and have a lot of respect for his body of work. I still think Oliver's Army is one of the best pop lyrics ever. And when someone did him on Stars In Their Eyes, and performed that track, it became what must surely be the only time the word n****r featured on that show. I was surprised they kept it in.

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Elvis Costello

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