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Patsy33 | 17:11 Wed 22nd Feb 2017 | Artists
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Just read that David Cassidy is giving up touring due to Dementia. He's only 66 nearly 67. He said his mother and father both had it too. Loved him in the 70,s, such a nice looking fella. Very sad


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My sister was mad about him back in the 70s. Shame he's got this dreadful condition so young
My nan started showing signs of dementia at a similar age and lived to 84. She was a wonderful woma
A real shame, and one of my sister's is going to be quite upset, as she idolised him when younger, and saw him at White City in 1974, with Showaddywaddy as support.
I heard that on the radio, Patsy.......just after I'd visited my mother.....

Brought me up sharp as he's the same age as me........bloody horrid illness.......I do feel for him.....x

Sad news, I wish him well.
Very sad, used to love him back in the day.
Very sad - disease is no respecter of age or status.
I don't know why that submitted...

She was a wonderful woman who though didn't know who we were showed such love and compassion. I used to take her out every week and she'd stop anyone with a child or animal to fuss them. Luckily everyone she stopped understood.
Very sad indeed. Not my favourite artist, my sister was very taken with him.
I don't think he ever really recovered from that fan being killed at one of his concerts, though.
I have one of his singles, mind - "How can I be sure", still stands the test of time.
I wish him well.
I had his posters all over my room as a teenager.
I'm virtually the same age as him it makes you think and it just goes to show this dreadful illness can strike anyone.
I wish him all the best although a little before my time. I do however have a fondness of his Daughter Katie (Actress) 'Supernatural' and more recently 'Arrow'.
It's a real shame.However his Father (Jack Cassidy) got drunk,went home, set fire to a settee;which burnt down his apartment(and killed him).Of course this might have been caused by dementia.His mother (Evelyn Ward) certainly died from Alzheimers related dementia.
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My younger sister had all his posters over bedroom wall too Cupid
I did like his records.
Here is with his Mother when they were both quite a bit younger>She didn't die until 2012.
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I often think of Glen Campbell who has Altziemers, he's 80 and in a home now. Very sad..

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