Any Metallica Fans Here

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DC_FC | 20:51 Sat 10th Aug 2013 | Artists
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Wasn't really a fan of Metallica until I listened to 3 songs by them ( enter sandman, nothing else matters and whiskey in a jar ) and was wondering if theres any other songs I may like.


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Not really a fan, but I love this (Along with Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters)

Whisky in the jar is years older than metallica... it's an old irish folk song! The Dubliners probably do the closest version to the original, which is far better!
hero of the day from the album - load.
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Im trying expand my music tastes or at least find some other music I might like that I wouldnt have thought of considering before.
Without a doubt you'll love Nothing Else Matters

Or the Unforgiven, as I have posted!
Might be worth listing what you are currently listening to, DC_FC. Then, people will get a broader idea of what to recommend. If you don't listen to them already, check out Black Stone Cherry. My mate got me into them, and they've only released 3 albums

Black Stone Cherry
Folklore and Superstition
Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea
the whole of Metallicas Black Album is worth listening to back to back its amazing -

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Any Metallica Fans Here

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