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feelap | 20:00 Sat 04th Feb 2012 | Artists
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Hi all,

This might be a long shot but here it goes...

A couple years ago, Vodafone had a TV advert for mobile broadband and it featured a really cool electro/techno chillout song- the only lyrics I remember is a girl singing 'another day another day' - other than that, the song was predominantly beeps.

The ad itself is a montage of different things but the only image I remember is a girl skipping and it was played backwards (she looked like she was skipping backwards)

I am desperate to know the song name so if anyone can that would be so so great!




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There is a website called Song of the Salesman which lists every single advert and the music can search a - z and I found Vodafone on there for you but there are quite a few pages! I went through a few but didnt find anything that seems to fit your description but you might have more luck!
I don't remember the advert but.... I know 'Another Girl, Another Planet' by The Only Ones was used by Vodafone a while back (2006), so your remembered lyrics (another day, another day) could be something that would have come from that song. (Also, after The Only Ones version was used for a while, it was replaced by Bel X1's version.)

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