Top Tips To Cope With A Car Accident

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience, but it can be made worse if there is a dispute as to who was at fault. Although it does not happen often it is important to note little details which can be used later to establish a claim.

It seems a leading online motor insurance company believes motorists should keep a notebook and pen in their glove box for insurance incidents. It has offered this advice along with other tips to cope in the event of an accident.

The Claims director at the company says: "It's easy to panic. By following these tips you should be able to make the incident less traumatic for yourself and make your subsequent claim run more smoothly."

How to ease the stress of being in a car accident:

•    Try to stay calm and polite. This can be difficult if others involved are upset or angry. Don’t discuss fault.
•    If you are able and it is safe try to take some pictures of the scene. For example the damage to your car, the damage to other vehicles, any marks on the road caused by the accident.
•    Ask for the full name, address and especially phone numbers of involved parties and if possible any witnesses. Give your details out as well and include car insurance company names with the information. This should go to your insurance company as soon as possible.
•    Copies of your vehicle documents – it can be helpful to have these in the car, but remember do not keep the originals in case your car is stolen.
•    Check the number of passengers in each car involved. This can prevent fraudulent claims for fictitious injuries.
•    Carry a pen and notebook at all times -To make notes about the incident. Include make, colour and model of the other car and anything unusual.
•    If your car is undrivable let your insurance company know and remove any personal belongings.
•    In the event of any injuries call the emergency services immediately. You must also let your insurance company know about any injuries in the accident.

Also it is important to remember that the police should be informed of any serious accident.

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