Novice Motor Bikers 'Should Not Neglect Tyres'

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Many of us dream of taking to the open road on two wheels. The freedom of feeling like you are really in the landscape and not stuck in a metal box can be very tempting. However, as with all new vehicle purchases it is important to make sure a new motorbike is in top condition before you open her up on the highway.

People who are new to riding need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to tyre safety if they want to avoid a motorbike insurance claim, it has been suggested.

TyreSafe and the Motorcycle Industry Association have urged novices not to neglect this important aspect of vehicle maintenance. According to the groups, warmer weather and Bank Holiday weekends see the number of bikers on UK roads increase by about a quarter and it is important riders are properly prepared.

The TyreSafe chairman, said: "Tyre safety is critical to the bike's stability when accelerating, braking or cornering."

Bikers were advised to pay particular attention to tread depth and pressure levels, while also checking the general overall condition of these important vehicle parts. The group was founded in 2007 to highlight the importance of tyre safety for all vehicles.

As well as tyres there are many other considerations when buying a new or used motorbike. It can be helpful to take someone with you who knows about bikes when you go to see a bike you are thinking of buying. They can check out the bike and although they may find nothing wrong there is a possibility that there could be something amiss with the bike that may cost you after you have bought it.

Make sure you get all the proper documentation for the bike before you hand over any money. It is also worth checking the registration with the DVLA to make sure it is not cloned or stolen.

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