New Road Offence Penalties Come Into Force

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Foreign motorists who do not want to see the cost of their car insurance premiums increase may want to be on their best behaviour after new penalties for road offences have come into force across the UK.

Drivers who live outside the UK will now face the same consequences as British residents. Police and representatives from the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency have the power to dish out on-the-spot fines to motorists who cannot provide a UK address.

If the offence a driver is caught committing warrants penalty points, they will be listed on the individual's British motoring record - and as a result those individuals could be banned from getting behind the wheel while in the country.

VOSA examiners will also - for the first time - be able to issue fixed penalty notices to drivers of heavy goods vehicles from both the UK and abroad, in addition to immobilising vehicles where driving hours, weight or vehicle safety rules have been broken.

The road safety minister explained: "These tough new measures mean that any driver who breaks the rules of the road - putting themselves and others at risk - will have to face the consequences."

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