Electric Cars Still Unpopular Despite New Technology

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Car insurance customers keen to see more people opting for environmentally-friendly vehicles may be disappointed by the impact of road traffic electricity, it has been suggested.

According to Clean Green Cars, a green motoring guide, the technology is unlikely to have a significant effect in the UK. Previously, the Environmental Transport Association reported on a new type of road which produces electricity when traffic passes over it.

A spokesman from Clean Green Cars said there is not the political will in this country to make the use of electric motors a strategic priority. He said it is different in Israel - where the innovation is being developed - as the government there is keen to end oil exports.

Commenting on the effect the technology is likely to have in the UK, he stated: "Road traffic [electricity] could give a minor boost to the adoption of electric cars, but no more."

Electric cars work by using a fuel cell which combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce the energy to drive the car. The only waste product is pure water and so it is a genuinely pollution free solution. However, the energy needed to produce the hydrogen fuel which goes in the car still needs to be generated by power stations at the moment.

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