Driving Destiny May Be Written In The Stars

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Your driving destiny is written in the stars, claims a new motor insurance survey. Motor insurance companies analysed 160,000 accident claims to find which astrological sign was the most accident-prone.

Bad news for impatient Geminis – in the unlikely event that you still have your motor insurance no claims bonus it's likely that you'll soon lose it, being the most likely to take a prang.

Pushy and assertive Taureans are the next most mystically inclined motorists to make a motor insurance claim, followed by the risk taking Pisces. Capricorns can rest easy however, being the least likely of all star signs to make a motor insurance claim.

"Geminis, restless, easily bored and frustrated by things moving slowly, had more car accidents than any other sign," said a motor insurance spokesman.

"Taureans are thought to be stubborn and inflexible, while Pisceans are risk-takers and dare-devils."

On a more positive note, according to the research the best drivers are Capricorns, who came last on the list, and are typically described as patient and careful.

However, it is unlikely that motor insurance companies will start taking astrology into account when doing quotes for premiums.

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