White zig zag lines

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shiznit | 23:04 Tue 20th Jul 2010 | Road rules
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We used to have a traffic light system crossing outside our house which has recently been removed. The whit zig zag lines are still there though. Are these still to be adhered to or is it legal to now park on them seeing as there is no crossing.



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I would think that you would to ask your council if the stopping/parking restrictions have been officially lifted and when the lines will be removed.
Theoretically they are still in force. It will be down to a different contractor to remove the white lines, so could be any time! Agree, speak to your council to nudge them along. BTW, don't park anywhere near the white lining truck that will remove the lines with a thermal lance....the sticky cr@p goes everywhere!
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I have just found out that the council plans to reinstate the crossing, when?, no one knows. I think i will just not park on them like suggested and forget about it.

Thank you for your answers
Good choice you can get 3pts for parking on them.

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White zig zag lines

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