Are Lollipop Ladies allowed to do this ..?

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sarah_louise | 17:05 Wed 17th Mar 2010 | Road rules
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With not a child in sight a lollipop lady walks out stops me and allows two adults to cross the road.
I suppose I should not care but it just seems a bit annoying.


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I think a few people are taking Sarah-Louises comments a bit too seriously.............
16:10 Thu 18th Mar 2010
The lollipop sign has been saying "STOP CHILDREN" for years, but some so-and-sos are still having them !!!
i am pretty sure that she was acting in the best interest's of
a - all predestrians
b- All motorists

Im quite sure that she each and every day, wether it's morning or afternoon ... sun snow sleet wind or rain .... all she is doing is making sure everyone crosses the road safely, and that all motorist's are not held up too long. In simple terms, whatever she does, it is always in the best interest of the public so don't start critising, which dispite what you say, is exactly what your doing.
they are presumably someones children?

i always park in the parent and child bays at the front of tesco when i take my mother shopping ......she is 82 now
But the lollipop itself does say "STOP CHILDREN"

Must be sponsored by Durex then?
Im a lollipop lady and our job is to show EVERYONE over the road during our working hours.providing she had her lollipop out you must stop!!
Does that include helping chickens to cross the road ?
i am a lollipop lady and it is my job to show EVERYONE over the road in my working hours providing i have a lollipop in my hand the motorist HAS to stop!
Does that include helping chickens to cross the road ?

(deja vou anyone)
The sign says "STOP CHILDREN" this must mean that the lollipop lady CAN STOP Children ,from crossing, which I suppose allows for adults to cross.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I must go and ave a lie down now ,my brain hurts.
I bet you'd have the contrary view if you were in a hurry to get somewhere and were having trouble crossing a busy road due to the weight of traffic.............

You'd be back on here frothing "Why didn't the Lollipop Lady stop the traffic so that I could cross the road ?"
I have shown stray dogs over and even a fox but not the chickens yet!!
Lolloipos haven't said STOP CHILDREN for years!

They just say STOP
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OK to be precise it says STOP then a bar then a picture of Children which somehow conveys the message "Stop Children" not "Stop for Everything"
if you are an adult and have to cross a busy road, it only makes sense to have the lollipop lady assist you.
you take your life in your own hands elsewhere. I know which I would rather do.
The picture on a lollipop could be of a child holding on to its parents hand.The road is not just for motorists even though motorists like to think it is.

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Are Lollipop Ladies allowed to do this ..?

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