parking infront of a house but was told not to

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christmas2010 | 18:45 Mon 15th Mar 2010 | Road rules
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I have a problem and need clarification. I have parked outside someone's house in order to pick my kids up from school and it's literally 20 mins max. The property owner came out and said that I shouldn't park there as she came back from work and had to park a bit further away from the house, about three houses down. And out of curtsey i should park elsewhere. I said it hasnt' got a drop down curb and i have every right to park there. After her swearing in front of my kids to f*** off, i was furious and said you can call the council to check. Anyway their front wall of their garden has been knocked down and there's a permanent car parked inside and it's not that they had to move that car but for them to park a further two cars in front of their house. That was friday and monday came her husband came out this time and said that he has someone coming and would like me to move when that car comes so they could park in front of their house. I said i wont' until i have picked up my kids which would take max 20 mins. I said i have every right park there as it'a public road and he agreed. but still want me to move as that car needs to park there. it ended with him saying let the council sort it out. I said great and was on my mobile calling the council as i was doubting myself. Anyway they said i was right. But when i got back he made a point of being on the phone and telling whoever is on the other end my licence plate number.

sorry for being long winded, but my question is since his front garden wall has been knocked down, do i still have a right to park there even tho it's not a drop down curb, and would i get clamped etc?

thank you very much in advance for reading and hopefully will get some answers.


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You have every right to park there. He would have to get planning permission for a drop down kerb to his property. The fact that his wall has been knocked down and they have a car parking space does not give them any rights. The council has confirmed this to you.
Surely it's an offence for him to have driven a car across the pavement if it hasn't got a dropdown kerb - you might check that with the council next time you phone them?
You have every right to park there, but it sounds as though you are likely to have a confrontation every time you do.
If it's only another three houses away that they would be able to park, why don't you just park there ?
Don't make yourself as bad as them.
The age old "don't park in front of my house" argument.If you car is taxed you can park on any unlined highway.If these people have knocked down their wall to allow them to park on their drive they need planning permission.So feel free to park there,and if it was me I would park there even more.It is an offence to cause alarm or distress,so telling you to f off is causing alarm and distress,so if there is a police officer or one of those useless PCSOs outside the school at kicking out time,mention her behaviour to them.
I agree, you have every right to park there since it wasn't a drop down kerb.
He's probably on the phone to no-one waiting for you to come back so that you could conveniently hear the part of his conversation where he is saying your registration number.
Just to avoid this everytime, is there not somewhere just past this house to park (I know you shouldn't have to)
they're just being w**kers
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thanks for the replies, i just feel a bit intimidated about the whole issue and maybe it's all the whole act why he was speaking to someone and telling them my licence plate number that bothered me. My oldest child was worried i couldn't park and i assured her i have every right because it's a public road and i have road tax.
God what a loser! He was probably talking to himself or the speaking clock,you don't get through to the council immediately.
It was just a ruse to intimidate you.

The joke is that even if you do park elsewhere, someone else will park in front of their house.
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yes I would try to park elsewhere and since the weather is not as bad now will probably walk more. Usually i park in other street and not the street where the school is at as i can't get a space sometimes. But my eldest was not well and she wanted to wait in the car. In a way i dont' want my daughter to see that i have back down to something i am right, on the other hand i don't want my kids to anticipate this kind of behaviour if i should park there.
At least i feel much better knowing i have every right, it's amazing how I started doubting my rights.
Tempting to park the car there one day when you don't have kids in tow, leave it for several hours and walk to the shops.
go on the council website and print out details and put them through thteit letter box or on your windscreen...i would also state that they are committing an offence every time they drive over the kerb

this happened to me when i parked near a hospital - very hostile and shed been waiting all day for me to has be stated you cannot just knock a wall down and claim the road
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So as well as buying their house, this person thinks that thay bought a piece of the road as well ??


There are numpties everywhere who think they own the road outside their house! There's some near me who have their own cones and reserve the space!
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EzraPound i don't find what you say is quite right. Yes my kids could walk to and fro school everyday, but since my youngest started nursery i do need a car to drop him off after i dropped the other kids off. But i didn't feel that was the point if i can or can't walk to school, it's the principle if i needed to use the car i do have the right to park there. If he did come out and tell me to move for him if he was expecting someone to come round, would he do the same curtsey and move his car when there is no space to park so i could pickup the kids from school.
I only clarification that i do have the right to park there should i need to. Like i said when i park elsewhere it would be in front of the someone elses house too. And I also live near a school and have people parking in front all the time, it doesn't bother me the least as i don't own the space in front. I really dont' understand why it bothers people so much.
You haven't broken any laws, but you are acting like a bit of an arrse.
You say yourself your dropping your kids off at school. They have to live there. How do you know the reason they want to park outside THEIR house. Could it be the car was recently broken into because it was parked out of site as someone who couldn't be arrsed walking to school decided to park there. Or that they have need to park it outside eg pregnant women in the place.
I don't know your situation, but I have had arguments with Mums who drive a shorter distance than I walk to collect the kids from school, then park in front of someones house. There's no need. Instead of spending £500 a month on Kiddy Gyms and Childrens Yoga, they could leave the chelsea tractors at home and walk it.
If there is space a few car lengths away, why don't YOU park in it.
Christmas ,if the school is walking distance why are you using the car ,surly you would be better showing your youngest it is better to walk so therefore walk with your children to school .... i will admit i have used my car to pick up my children but only if i am going else where afterwards i live a 10 minute walk from the school and my children love walking to and from it
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