further to my question about speeding at 36mph

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booboo67 | 23:19 Wed 12th Aug 2009 | Road rules
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thanks for the impartial advice i received on my question i previously posted.
can i ask for a little more advice ?
the county where the speeding at 36mph was caught on camera, do offer the speed awareness course as long as its under 39 mph, no previous speed awareness course has been taken within 3 years, no further traffic offences are being considered against the driver and the date does not exceed the critical date so that the course can be offered.
my partner fulfills all of the above. so if he sends back the form stating it was him is he likely do you think, to be offered the course? or could it still be down to someones decision on the day?
thanks again


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yes & yes
Careful BooBoo, all the high & mighties on this site will be waking up and passing judgement on you.

I used to use this site but got fed up with all the holier-than-thou comments from people who haven't got the balls to say things person to person so they sit on the computer furiously bashing away to people on messageboards.

I keep coming back from time to time and its still the same old faces passing out judgement on people who have been caught speeding.

Good luck, I hope your partner gets the option of a course, I'm pretty sure he will. We need people like him on the road rather than the chuggers who stay under the speed limit but have no awareness of other people around them.

Now thats the real danger out there but if they stay under the limit it sadly goes undetected.
Compostella, whilst I agree that there are a few on this site who are more interested in passing judgement than posting useful replies, isn't your post a perfect example of what you are accusing others of?
Does the form offer attending the Speed Awareness Course as an alternative to paying the fine and having points added to licence. If so, and he does want to attend the course I believe that he will automatically be accepted.

I had same option just under 3 years ago when caught speeding in Wiltshire, I live in West Yorkshire but the nearest county offering the course was Lancashire, I was still able to attend.
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When I was taking my driving lessons my instructor said they were speed limits not speed targets.

There is no law stating that you should drive at 40mph in a 40mph zone, but common sense should prevail that if it is safe to do so then there is nothing to stop you.

I hope you are never behind me when I am driving, I usually stick to the speed limit.
Thing is a the "It's all a money making scam" crowd start the debate as often as and there's often a reaction from the "Well you shouldn't be speeding" brigade.

I don't think anybody got self-righteous onBooboo's original question but then we had a reference to "scammers" followed by Compostella pre-emptively sticking the boot in.

And despite all this the replies were still pretty helpfull.

Yes Booboo if he's convinced he wasn't speeding and the camera is at fault he should contest it but you don't say whether he already has points - personally without any points I'd be tempted to just chalk it up to experience and forget about it as not worth the blood pressure but everyones different.
Magic Merlin

Thanks for that, you just made my point stronger than I ever could.
In your first post you must be in favour of 'breaking the speed limit' as you class those that don't as 'chuggers' who go go undetected for not speeding. My postings do NOT encourage speeding.
Hi booboo67 firstly apologies for hijacking your post, I hope that you have found the answers to your question. Magicmerlin, I just wanted to clarify compostellas post about 'chuggers'. The point was not just about those who stick to the speed limit all the time, but those few who do, but are dangerous as they have no road awarness
Personally I would much rather be behind someone who goes a little over the speed limit in SAFE conditions and has very good awareness of potential danger, than someone who sticks to the limits or just under religously, but forgets to indicate, cuts others up and generally expects all the rest of us to watch out for their poor driving!
It is not just us public who get annoyed with this, but even the police do! My elderly mother who is a nervous driver was driving under the speed limit on a dual carriageway. She was followed by a police car who stopped her and told her off for not driving up to the limit. The policeman told her that it was drivers like her that caused accidents! My mother was very upset of course as she felt she had done nothing wrong, but it goes to show that it is not just us ordinary drivers that get annoyed by it!
Cheers, once again applogies booboo67 for going off the subject!

How do you know what compo meant about chuggers? Can he not defend him/herself?

I agree with your comments about motorists who do not indicate and have no regard for others but I am not one of them. In fact one of my pet hates is other motorists not using their indicators until the last minute or not at all, after all they are not an optional extra.

If we all drove our cars within the law, with due care and attention, safely and with courtesy to others there would be far less accidents and incidences of road rage.

I like to think I am one of those.
Hi magicmerlin, agree with your point about driving with care and attention, if we all did then yes it would definately make the road a safer place!
Cheers Sue
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we have roundabouts with traffic lights, how cool is that
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Mine too

MagicMerlin, you're great!

You are so wrapped up in your "speed is bad" world that you failed to even read my posts properly and someone else had to point it out to you.

I can defend myself, its just I don't bother coming on this site very often......wonder why that might be?
Magic Merlin

Did you enjoy your fair trade peace polenta for lunch?

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further to my question about speeding at 36mph

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