parking for two hours cost �50

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kinell | 04:02 Wed 03rd Jun 2009 | Road rules
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what a daft rule,

i was in london today and needed to park to visit a client,

i was a bit tight on time so parked up and the notice said 'no return within two hours',

well my meeting was over in 20 minutes so i had to waste 1 hour 40 minutes before going back to my car,

i ended up browsing the shops and bought a book, a cd and a pizza and salad that i hadnt planned to buy,

isnt this a silly stipulation?


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daft info for daftys ;)

You can't be serious?

lay off the notice board - am after all 'recent posts'

Wasn't this something someone said on "Grumpy old women" last night on TV?

Wind ups are better if not just lifted off of the box!
obviously a rule aimed at stimulating the local economy, especially pizza palaces
Yes well I saw sign for a disabled loo the other day, what use is that? I want one that works properly!
Took my Mum into town one day when she was at the start of Altzheimers and she was dismayed at having to stay in town for 2 hours...really true :-) bless her.
kinell Are you a BLONDE by any chance

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parking for two hours cost �50

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