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Bob906 | 12:57 Fri 16th Jan 2009 | Road rules
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My Grand-daughter is buying a second hand car it has no tax or MOT, she can drive it to an MOT Station providing it is pre-booked in but how does she manage without Tax is she safe from prosecution.


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Yes she is - it must have road tax to be driven on the road.

An option is to get the MOT station to collect it on a tow - how much that would cost though, I don't know
Sorry - that information was completely wrong. She can drive to the prebooked test without road tax:

Schedule 2 - Exempt vehicles

22. - (1) A vehicle is an exempt vehicle [from VED] when it is being used solely for the purpose of;

(a) submitting it (by previous arrangement for a specified time on a specified date) for a compulsory test, a vehicle identity check, a vehicle weight test or a reduced pollution test, or

(b) bringing it away from any such test or check.

Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994
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Thank You Ethel
You were spot on with your info thank you very much indeed.
It's also illegal to tow a vehicle with no road tax.
Not if all 4 wheels are off the ground
If all four wheels are off the ground it's being carried not towed
I think we have had this discussion before, If the vehicle is being toed on a bar or on a dolly or front end lift it is classed as a trailer and does not need road tax but must have the towing vehicles registration on the back.
if u pre book an mot u may drive ur car 2 the mot station as laid down by the police .and the dvla
if all 4 wheels r off the road u wouldnt be towing fool

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M O T & Tax

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