help a blind bvisually impaired cyclist day tomorrow

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kinell | 10:45 Thu 13th Nov 2008 | Road rules
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Particularly in London.

For the day please join the campaign and aid road safety!

When stationary at traffic lights on red, and a cyclist carries on, despite the road rules against this practice, in warning to the cyclist and other people (allowable under the highway code).... BLAST YOUR CARS HORN!!!!!

Perhaps the odd policeman may even take note, after all if a car does this manoeuvre it is a six point offence and a fine, law abiding citizens who do not display this arrogance are entitled to expect that those ignorant cyclists are dealt with in the same manner.


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Perhaps cars going on green at the junction could just run them over!
I agree, Kinell. It's about time all cyclists had a riding licence and insurance, like most other road users coupled with a points totting system and licence removal. That should make them observe the rules
It's bad enough with car drivers not having tax, mot, licence etc. Just think how the problem would be amplified if cyclist were included.
If caught in the act, stop them, fine them and confiscate the bike. QED
Love the idea Kinell (good user name by the way)

I found one of those cyclist things in my air filter the other day.

The odd policeman is more likely to take note of the car driver blowing his horn illegally !
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help a blind bvisually impaired cyclist day tomorrow

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