Allowing someone who's uninsured to drive

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tigwig | 18:21 Fri 01st Aug 2008 | Road rules
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I've just read on another thread about someone who has been banned from driving herself for 2 years for allowing her partner to drive their car uninsured. Apologies for being so naive but I always thought it would only be the uninsured person themself that would get into trouble not the partner. Is that really the case? My sister in law's husband doesn't have a driving license so obviously he has no insurance either. (please don't slate me for this they know what we all think of it) So sis in law insures and taxes the car in her name but he sometimes drives it. If he were to get caught would she get banned or worse? And what would happen to him?


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exactly the same as the other woman,she can be prosecuted and lose her licence,he would just get points and a fine
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Really? Well I honestly had no idea and I don't think she has either.
As Normanthedo says.

"A phenomenon that has increased in frequency over the last 5 years is people facing prosecution for causing or permitting someone else to drive their car without insurance. If convicted for this offence, you face the same penalty as if you had driven without insurance yourself."

Driving without insurance is punishable by way of a fine of up to �5000, discretionary disqualification or between 6 - 8 penalty points. ce.php

The only way your sister could hope to avoid prosecution is to report the car as stolen. Then he would get prosecuted for taking a vehicle without consent too.
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sister IN LAW Ethel!!! There is a difference! No way would MY SISTER or any other member of my family drive without insurance. It must run it hubby's side of family because dad in law always used to drive his wife's car uninsured too and didn't think anything of it. Of course she's dead now so he doesn't do it anymore. Me - well there is no way I would ever consider doing it. Its made me even more mad now thinking about it cos she justifies it cos the car is insured and taxed only for her!
Your sister in law could be your brother's wife. But no matter - the law is the same,.

I see you are the one so concerned about road safety and stopping on the hard shoulder when told to by police.

Do your bit for road safety and report this man. Unlicensed and uninsured drivers are a bigger threat to safety than being pulled over by police.
And bear in mind my last post on the earlier question you refer to. estion603020.html

The person involved was certainly convicted of something more than allowing uninsured driving as the penalty was too harsh.
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I have often thought of reporting him Ethel but I honestly don't think I could live with the guilt if I did. I mean he could go to prison for it surely? I just couldn't be the person responsible for the consequences what would happen. They have 2 kids together and he has another 2 with his ex wife. It would destroy the family and we would be picking up the consequences.
Now I know you're going to say what about the consequences if he kills someone whilst driving uninsured and I agree totally but to shop him myself is another matter. For a start off my hubby would kill me if I ever did and he would end up finding out. I just wish he would take his test and get legal.
He cannot go to prison for driving uninsured, or for allowing uninsured driving - no matter how many times he is convicted of the offence..
The penalty for that woman was so harsh because she was 'permitting driving whilst disqualified' - a more serious offence than driving without a licence and it does have a custodial sentence.
"I have often thought of reporting him Ethel but I honestly don't think I could live with the guilt if I did. "

You have already said that he has no licence. Why not? Is he banned, or is he unfit to drive?

Could you live with the guilt If he kills somebody?
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He's not banned he's just never had a license. He has tried to pass before but is a really paranoid person and failed the written test by 1 point then that was it he wouldn't do it again.
I don't think I have anything to feel guilty about Tichfield, its hardly my fault and I would question whether other people would really shop their family to police. I bet almost everyone on here knows of someone who breaks the law in some way. Its not worth splitting up my marriage and the family over me reporting him is it? I do not condone his actions or support him in anyway but he is a grown man and it is up to him to face the reponsibility and get his license not me to report him.
"Inaction is tacit support."

"If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem."

I'm sure there are numerous other clich�s to counter the "I have [nothing] to feel guilty about" defence. But that's just fine and dandy provided we believe "almost everyone" acts in the same manner - we can't possibly have individuals doing the right thing when the crowd wouldn't be bothered to do the same. Where would it end?

Ignorance is indeed bliss.
Tigwig - I would seriously tell him that if you ever find out he has driven without a licence and/or insurance again you will report him to the police.

And I would make sure he knew I meant it. And would tell his wife the same.
"but I honestly don't think I could live with the guilt if I did"

so you or your family could live with the guilt if he killed an innocent road user? report him to the police before he kills someone. people like this should be locked up for their ignorance and blatant disregards for the safety of others.
I have been prosecuted for permitting one boy drive my car, when he told me he had a licence and insurance, and I have also seen him driving another car, and he told me himself he was a 'good driver'. But little did i know until we got pulled over he only had a provisional? I also have 3 witnesses, who agree that I did not have any idea that he could not drive. I feel awful, but he should of told the truth. I have to go to court in only 20, and i have never had a criminal conviction in my life. What will happen to me? Can anyone give me some feedback? And what is the worst case scenario?

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Allowing someone who's uninsured to drive

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