Will I get a ticket???

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Nosha123 | 17:52 Tue 10th Jun 2008 | Road rules
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I had to load up my car outside the office and so pulled up with 2 wheels parked on the kerb - mainly to allow traffic still to pass and not annoy other drivers by blocking the entire side of the road. A van driver passing told me I was being filmed by a traffic warden from his smart car with roof mounted camera!!!!!! Will I get a ticket - even tho I was just trying to be as considerate as possible to other road users by not blocking their way? There was plenty of room for pedestrians to pass my car - I was 2 minutes loading and there are no yellow lines!
Incidentally!!! the next day I saw a local councils van (branded with their logo) doing the very same thing but on another road and he was parked on double yellows!!! So - I took a photo of the offending van!!!! If I get fined I dont see why I should pay if their drivers do the same as me but on double yellows!!!


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yes, that happened to me once. The warden told me I would get an instant ticket (fortunately he waived it) by parking on the kerb, whereas if I'd parked on the yellow line he'd have had to give me several minutes' grace. So yes, park on the road and block other traffic, don't bother being a courteous driver, it just gets you into trouble.

Great system, eh?
It is a straightforward offence to park even partly on the footpath or pavement (unless there are signs allowing this).

So yes, you may well get a ticket.

When you took the photo of the offending van, did you check to see if it was displaying a parking permit allowing it to park on double yellow lines?

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Will I get a ticket???

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