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fishfinder | 19:37 Mon 09th Jun 2008 | Road rules
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Has anyone used any of the companies who sell letter templates claiming that they are 100% effective in avoiding speeding fines/points - and, if so, did they work?


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Like this one that charges �230?

Don't you think that all these extremely wealthy 'celebrities' who get fined and / or banned for speeding would hire solicitors who knew these legal loopholes?

Jay Kay, Chris Evans, Harriet Harman, a few examples for you - all banned for speeding.

If they did work, the judiciary would very quickly put wheels in motion to change the law to make sure the didn't work.
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Ethel - many thanks for taking the time to reply.

I suspect you are right but desparate men somethimes do desparate things like spending money they cannot really afford on 'solutions' that may not work.

If speeding driving bans are a real worry to you, there are 2 things you can do.

1) DONT SPEED! Its 100% effective in preventing fines/points and bans!

2) And if sticking to not breaking the law is too difficult, that leaves you with one option, accept you will get fines, points and eventually banned, but before you do, take out "dangerous driver insurance" more commonly known as Driving Ban insurance, which means if you DO get to the point of a ban, they will cover the additional costs involved in getting to work without being able to drive.

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Speeding Fines / Points

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