driving in plaster cast

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duncan01 | 12:05 Fri 15th Feb 2008 | Road rules
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is it illeagal to drive with your right foot in plaster cast.


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I always thought it was illegal. I know when I broke my wrist and drove myself home with a cast on, the doctor went ballistic and said if the police had caught me I would have been reported for driving without due care.

I'm not 100% sure of the legality of this. Hopefully someone more clued up than me will answer you.
Noy sure about it being illegal but if you are involved in an accident your insurance company may refuse to pay out.
plus think of it laterally - if you are involved in an accident and are trapped, it will be more difficult for you to get out of the car, because of your limited mobility.

Use public transport, better safe than sorry
your consultant should have advised you about when you are able to drive again. Personally, i dont see how you can drive with the foot in plaster because you cannot feel the pedals
According to DVLA and CPS rulings. Driving with an impairment such as arm or leg in plaster or impaired sight should be considered an example of dangerous driving

See these CPS guidelines. /pbd_policy.html#09

Scroll down to Dangerous Driving and you will see the list of examples
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driving in plaster cast

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