Notice of intended prosecution-complaint by traffic warden

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daya | 12:56 Sat 09th Feb 2008 | Road rules
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on thurs 24th jan i received a parking ticket for stopping on a restricted street while waiting for my brother to get a box from my dads office. the attendant was issuing the ticket and then my brother and dad came back down, brother got into back seat and dad put the box in front passenger seat - as i pulled off the passenger door hadn't been closed properly so swung open and the wing mirror nipped the attendant (by this stage she had issued the ticket), and she decided that she was going to report me.

So yesterday I received a notice of intended prosecution through the post - i am totally gutted that this stupid accident has been thought of as an assault or whatever; so i dont know what is going to happen now. i have sent the slip back to the police and need to wait i guess.

i am worried because i am half way through the selection process in the ambulance service - they allow a max of 3 points on your licence, if i get more, its probably over....all for this stupid accident.

I just hope i can get across that it was 100% an accident/mistake that she got nipped by the wing mirror, has anyone ever had a similiar experience? What do you think will be the outcome? Thanks!


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What exactly are they prosecuting for? Assault?

Did the warden say anything or just let you go?
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on the notice they have encircled 'careless or inconsiderate driving'

and no nothing was really said, as i briefly stopped after seeing the door had opened, my dad closed it and i carried on. thinking about it i should have stopped and apologised for it not being closed properly, but i couldnt think properly so just carried on.
it dosent help your case at all that you didnt get out and see if she was alright. You hit her with your car, and you knew, yet you didnt stop. if you had asked he if she was alright, she may not have gone on to report you, and it would have been the morally right thing to do. You may have hit her in the stomach and she is pregnant, she may have had to have time off work. Have they asked you to accept points or go to court?
I agree with bednobs. On the flip side you could say that you did not hit her, its your word against hers. Whers her proof of you hitting her? Will she have any marks, bruises, cuts?? Im sure she wont after being nipped by a winfg mirror

Plead not guilty, state that you did not hit her, you door was closed and if you had hit her, A) you would have heard it and so would the 3 of your passengers, B) you would have stopped. Advise them about the ambulance service and give them the old story about how you care for the community and would not harm anyone.

Some people are just jobs worths. i can understand if the door hit her or the wing mirror hit her hard etc, but if it just nipped her I cant see why she would report you....just a jobs worth mate.

good luck!

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Notice of intended prosecution-complaint by traffic warden

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