No tax, no MoT, no Insurance.

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dilligaf | 19:10 Thu 10th May 2007 | Road rules
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My MoT expires on 25th May. Just in case there was something wrong I took it in today and it passed.
My tax is due at the end of June so I expect DVLA will write before hand telling me so. If not I will renew it anyway.

My insurance runs out in January so I can expect, alongside the Christmas cards on my doormat an invite to renew at an additional fee.
Since the last Mot, insurance and tax renewal I have moved from London to Norfolk but have informed authorities accordingly.

The point I am making is why are so many postings on this site making excuses for not being taxed, insured or MoT tested. THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

Would these people "forget" their gas/electricity bill until they are cut off or "forget" the Tv licence fee until someone comes knocking on their door.

And guess who has to pay extra to make up the shortfall?

There. Got it off my chest.
May sleep well tonight?


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Well said. I'm always aware of when bills are due and when my car needs MOT (the garage reminds me hoping I'll take it back to them), Insurance (they send a letter), and Tax (they even send a letter too). I'd feel awful (and very skint) if I was involved in an incident when I didn't have any of the above, expecially insurance! I dread the day I'm in a RTI and find that the other driver doesn't have any of the above.

I appreciate that at times people can't afford things and times can be hard, but I'd never take the risk with a car. You never know whats around the corner..........!
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Thanks for your answer Geordie P and I do appreciate "people cannot afford things and times can be hard" So why do they buy a car if they can not afford the up keep.

I would love a Leer jet, but cannot afford it, so I don't buy one.
Fair point mate, I was just trying to head off the 'Can't afford it/skint/too expensive' people before they thought I was having a pop at them.

I'd love a luxury mansion but can't afford the mortgage repayments. Oh well!
I was taught it's a simple thing called "responsibility"

There's so much more that goes with owning and driving a car than getting in it and using it. It's a package. If anyone cannot do everything properly and legally and above board then simply they are not qualified to drive a car on the public roads.

And before some of you have a go - I know mistakes happen - but the consequences should be dealt with and not bleated about - taking responsibility and not shirking it.
there are NO EXCUSES
Too true NORMANTHEDOG (thought you'd been quiet for a while!)

Responsiblilty also comes in maintainance. Just about to collect my car from the garage, after nearly �500 repairs. Owners have a responsibility to make sure their car is legal and safe for the road. Even if it does mean I've just spent tonights drinking money on my car. Ho Hum!
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GeordieP. Nearly �500 for tonights drinking money.

Glad I wont have your head in the morning.


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No tax, no MoT, no Insurance.

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