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pwincessm | 12:52 Fri 13th Apr 2007 | Road rules
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I'm 17 (18 next week) and got caught driving without insurance with my dad, who told the police i did have insurance, and tthey found out i didn't and told me to bring my provisional license etc. to the station in 7days. Whats the worst that could happen to me? i have only got a provisional license and did display L-plates... And yes i understand i am wrong.

I have got a-levels exam soon and can't afford to take time out for courts. Will i get a criminal record?


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points, fine and a good telling off. The points will of course effect your actual licence if and when you get it.

If and when you do, you will find it hard and blooming expensive to get insured.

You and your dad should have known better im afraid....

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Thanks for the reply.

But every other member in my household is insured, surely they could take that into consideration..?

And will the points ever wipe off? Why am i going to get points of my license when I'm still provisional and only learning?
Your points last 3 years I think. It doesn't matter that you are only provisional and still only learning - you broke the law so you will get the points! Just because you are learning doesn't mean you can escape punishment.

And I doubt that they will be interested in the fact that everyone else in your household is insured.

You did wrong, you accept that so also accept that you will get fined and your licence will be endorsed!
and yes it does mean you will have a criminal record,for life.although it will be spent after a while,it will stay on your record forever.
What could pwincessm's dad get for aiding and abetting?
very irresponsible of you and your dad!!! fancy driving without insurance you could have killed someone , selfish idiots like you make me mad
tut tut redhead so you are whiter than white are you?the lad knows hes done wrong and he wont do it again.sorry mate but your dad should have known better.
i certainly don't go round putting peoples lives at risk
put it that way
Having insurance doesn't save lives, Redhead23, but it does help to compensate the victims.

Which is why it is really really important that we all have it, pwincessm. When you finally save up enough for your own car, how would you feel if someone crashed into it, but had no insurance so couldn't afford to repair yours/buy you a replacement? Or, God forbid, pay for your care if you were disabled in the accident?
(2-part post):

You'll need to be extremely careful for the first two years after passing your test. Your licence will be endorsed with between 6 and 8 points for driving without insurance. ensing/EndorsementsAndDisqualifications/DG_100 22425
Those points will count for 'totting up' purposes for 3 years. (You have to wait for a further year before they can be erased from your licence).

Normally, once somebody passes their test, they have to ensure that they don't acquire 6 points on their licence (e.g. from 2 speeding offences) within the next two years. If they do so, their licence is revoked. They have to re-apply for a provisional licence and re-take their test.

However, once you pass your test, you'll have to ensure that you don't pick up any points within the first two years after passing your test. If you do so, the points you got for driving with no insurance will be added to the new points, resulting in the automatic revocation of your licence. i.e. in your case, a single speeding offence within the first 2 years of passing your test (assuming that it's within 3 years of the points for 'no insurance' going on your licence), will mean that your licence will be revoked: dNewDrivers/NewlyQualifiedDrivers/DG_4022566

While the police could refer the matter to the courts, it's more likely that they'll follow the 'fixed penalty' route. If they decide to offer you a fixed penalty, the fine is �200 and 6 points will go on your licence. (If the matter is heard before a court, you could be disqualified from driving immediately, have up to 8 points on your licence and a fine of up to �5000).

Fixed penaly offences are not normally regarded as 'creating a criminal record', whereas conviction by a court does create such a record. It's actually a bit of a grey area because the term 'criminal record' can have several different meanings. See here for information about offences becoming 'spent':

Lastly, when you do seek insurance for your own vehicle, it's likely that you'll pay substantially more for your premium, because of the points on your licence.

wwell stated clancy x
I'd still like to know why princessm's dad should not get 'done'. Not only was he aiding and abetting her to commit an offence he was also committing another (criminal?) offence by obstructing the police (ie by lying about the insurance).
While I actually strongly condemn people who drive without insurance, why oh why on every relevant post is there always some smug so-and-so who makes idiotic comments like "you could have killed a child"? These inane and moronic statements do not help the case. Having insurance would not prevent that happening, so stop saying it please. You only distract from the real issue which is purely financial. I object to subsiding selfish oafs who don't pay insurance, but that fact alone doesn't make it more likely that they will kill or injure someone. (although I am fairly sure they are the same people who are more likely to do so!)
We seem to get more post about this subject on this section than anything else. It baffles me why some people think the law is not meant for them, usually because they think they wont get caught. Princessm did get caught and in my opinion her dad who was committing at least two offences should also be worrying about getting done. Can you imagine the chaos if everyone did as they liked?.

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