Is it illegal to drive in a plaster cast?

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busymum100 | 15:10 Tue 20th Feb 2007 | Road rules
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If you drive an automatic car, and therefore do not use your left it legal to drive with your left foot in a plaster cast? Just wondered as I have 5 more weeks in a cast.


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Im not sure, but if its your left foot in plaster, I dont see as it makes any difference, as you would only be using your right foot to drive it anyway.
The offence would be one of driving in such a position that you do not have proper control of the vehicle. Even in 21st century Britain, it would be impossible to fit that charge to a foot that you don't use for driving. Assuming of course that your plaster cast does not get in the way of the footbrake etc.

The DVLA has no specific guidelines regarding driving with a plaster cast, however you should contact your insurance company as their Ts&Cs usually state that their position may depend upon medical advice from your doctor.
Could be useful for kicking traffic wardens
i don't think it's illegal but check with your insurers as they may have other ideas, especially if you have an accident. they will always look for a way not to pay out.
what happened if you had a nasty accident and had to exit the vehicle quickly to safety?????

Think about it. Legal or not, I would not drive.
Don't really buy that logic spaced.

Would you suggest that disabled people do not drive in case they have a nasty accident and can't get out quickly enough?

We're not talking formula one here!
jake, you are comparing apples with kiwis mate. Firstly I work in the sector with immobile people, they are immobile for life so have no option. As Busymum has only to wait weeks befroe she is fully mobile, why take the risk?
Simple answer to your question.

Oops. Just re read the question. I meant no it is not illegal
someone I used to work with only had one leg (the right) - the left amputated below the knee, and he did not use a prosthetic limb. He drove around in an ordinary automatic car. So I'm sure you would be fine to drive - but I would check with your insurance company just to be 100% sure.

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Is it illegal to drive in a plaster cast?

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