Tesco 'Own Brand' parking fines

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Andyvon | 15:32 Thu 02nd Nov 2006 | Road rules
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Our local Tesco has just put a notice in their car park that you can park free for two hours, but then they will issue a 70 pounds parking fine. OK, I know it is to stop people taking the p and parking there all day jamming their car park up. I'm also sure they wouldn't fine someone for going over two hours if they have a trolley full of shopping and a receipt.

The question I have is whether Tesco can enforce a fine? They can give someone a ticket sure - but surely they can't pursue the fine legally if you didn't pay. After all, they are just a supermarket and can't have any parking authority.
There is also the fact that their car parks are private property I believe and not the public highway. If someone parked on my lawn, I know I have the right to request a fine - but I wouldn't have any right to enforce it legally if they laughed and told me to get lost. Are Tescos are in the same position legally or could they enforce their own parking fines?


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You can be very sure that Tesco would pursue the claim through the small claims court, and win - adding further costs to the bill.
This has been going on for some time now - have a read here:,,22 750-2218592,00.html

Any of you legal experts: what's the law regarding the display/use of number plates whilst on private land?

everybody is at it now,my drivers often used to park at mcdonalds at heathrow waiting for their next fare and at the petrol stations at gatwick,but now they have put time limits on the stay and if you exceed it you get fined.its getting crazy,they even do it on the motorway services now.
Catso - on private land, you don't need number plates.

BUT - private land where the general public is allowed access without having to seek permission, such as car parks are very different. You have to display number plates and you can be fined by the police for motoring offences.
The definition of a road in England and Wales is 'any highway and any other road to which the public has access and includes bridges over which a road passes'. In Scotland, there is a similar definition which is extended to include any way over which the public have a right of passage. It is important to note that references to 'road' therefore generally include footpaths, bridle-ways and cycle tracks and many roadways and driveways on private land (including many car parks). In most cases, the law will apply to them and there may be additional rules for particular paths or ways.
Hi Norman TD,

I used to spend some time in the McDonald's at Heathrow when I was a freelance chauffeur in London.
If you advertised the fact that anyone parking on your lawn would be fined �XX then yes, you could pursue the claim.

What about the NCP, they arent a 'parking authority' are you saying they wouldnt be able to pursue a fine through court?

lol. NCP. They can stick their fine up their arse. They gave me a ticket for 'not parking in a designated bay'. I wasn't in their bloody car park.
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Thank you for your answers everyone - especially the link Ethel. It was very interesting and answers a lot. It's as I suspected - they can chase you for their own fines.

Something's got to be done about this I think. I can understand if someone parks there all day and it makes it hard for genuine customers to park. I don't do that but it seems another example of how ugly and unpleasant society is becoming. I would be very loathe to spend lots of money with Tesco over the year when they treat people like that - but where else to go? They are all at it now.
i can spend 2 hours looking at the clothes alone.....
My local retail park has a very complicated parking scheme. You are allowed to park in the car park all day - if you are shopping in the shops at the park.

The difficult bit is you are allowed to leave your car there and go elsewhere for 2 hours provided you have bought something from the retail park. You are supposed to leave your receipt on the dashboard.

My worry is how can it be proved that you have not left the retail park? Also, it cannot be safe leaving a receipt that not only tells the world there is a brand new laptop in the boot of my car but also shows my credit card number.

There are parking wardens on site and they do clamp.

I believe these restrictions are too complicated and uncertain to be enforced, but I cannot find anyone to complain to. The local council is not interested because it is private land.
I work for tesco out store dose not fine inless your parked in disabled space and not disabled or in mother child space and got no child
if you parked in a disabled space and not disabled under the disability act they can fine you they can fine you if you park and leave the site they give you 2 hours which is ample time to do a full family shop and even visit the store cafe
I think this idea is absolutely great, my wife works for Tescos and we even got the letter warning us off, I feel that was only because this is a new initiative. So nice too see the organisations that take up the contract to issue tickets take an interest in who is allowed to park and who isn't. Cowboy organisation which has ensured I will not shop there again, unfortunate that my wife works for Tescos.
No private trader,car park attendant,clampers etc can issue fines.
They are not in a legal position to fine you,there is no law for them to make you pay up.
Tesco is in no way will win as there is no law just for them.
Please go to
There is more there for your help so you don't need to worry.
International clamps failed big time with all the threats abuse letters bigger fines,unlucky for them.
We received a parking fine at Tesco on the 29th October last year and they would not refund the cost to me as I broke the "rules". Since that day I haven't spent a penny with them and have no plans to do so. We used to spend about £5,000 a year in Tesco and as a result of a lack of good will and good customer relations they have lost out, other supermarkets have benefitted and I have saved money shopping elsewhere. I think their poor customer service is appalling considering - I asked to have my £40 fine refunded in vouchers costing them less than £15 and they refused. I suggest that if all Tesco shoppers that have been fined vote with their feet and shop elsewhere.
Sorry to go off subject folks, but how lovely after all these years Ethel is back wheeeee.

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Tesco 'Own Brand' parking fines

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