Vehicle Indicator Use ?.

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William51 | 21:03 Sun 16th May 2021 | Road rules
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One of my driving pet hates is the lack of indicator use with a lot of drivers. You have to be careful when on roundabouts.


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Ten true summers we'll be there and laughing too.
Oh yes, William. Husband doesn’t bother using his indicator. Drives me nutty. It makes things easier for everyone when they are used.
Drivers who don't use their indicators in any meaningful sort of way aren't much better either. One of the reasons that, say, a driver indicates to turn left is to warn the following driver that he's about to slow down. There seem to be countless drivers who wait until they've hit their brakes before bothering to signal, which tends to negate the point of signalling at all!
Many many people are idiots, others are ignorant, selfish, mouth-breathing scum with no regard for others.

Many of the latter have progressed from BMWs to Audis and even more recently, Teslas.
Buen... you shouldn't use your left indicator to show that you are about to slow down. Using your turn left sign might encourage the driver behind to accelerate and pass you on the right, which could be catastrophic. Your brake lights show the driver behind what you are doing.
Drivers who pass vehicles as they're turning left should be banned from the road. It's another hate of mine!
A few month ago, I had gone down a side road about fifty to seventy-five yard, slowed down and indicated to turn right into another side road.

I was about to turn and and a car overtook me at speed on my right.

Scared the life out me.
TCL - I assume when you said you slowed down and indicated to turn right, you really meant that you indicated and then slowed down to turn right.
I indicate if it will give other drivers information of my intent. Otherwise I don't bother.
davebro I was taught that signalling was to let pedestrians as well as others drivers know what you intended to do.
On the same road I mentioned, there are often cars parked either before or after the junction.

If there are other road users about, I stick my arm out the window to show I'm turning right and not just passing the parked cars.

I cannot mind on seeing anyone else doing that.
I indicate for everything; if no-one sees it it it doesn't matter. It's hardly hard work and it doesn't wear anything out, so why not? I was asked on my driving test if it was necessary to indicate if there was no-one about (1965, so likely no other vehicles) and I replied that there could be someone I hadn't seen.
Yeah and why is it the bigger the lorry the smaller the indicator .In day light they are very difficult to see .
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"Ten true summers we'll be there and laughing too."

21:09 Sun 16th May 2021
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"Oh yes, "

You line 'em up douglas and Cloverjo will nod them in
After more than 50 years as a regular driver one of the most important things I've learned is to not get worked up about stuff. Some drivers (and pedestrians) are idiots, ignorant, lazy & letting them get to you just raises your blood pressure without affecting them in the slightest.

A guy I know is the most mild mannered chap you could ever wish to meet but as soon as he gets behind the wheel he just goes mental. Cursing at anyone he thinks is doing something wrong, beeping the horn & flashing his lights, acting like some robo-traffic-cop.

No point.
My driving instructor (in the 70s) told me to treat all road users as if they were idiots. Its a handy thing to remember. I was taught short indication to overtake parked vehicles etc, long one to turn right but my son was told not to indicate for parked vehicles and not to indicate at all if there was no-one around to benefit from it.
Douglas's comment about Tesla drivers made me wonder whether electric car drivers will use theirs less to save a bit of battery?
Sitting on the brake pedal at lights is my bugbear. LEDs are very bight especially at dusk and in the dark.
I have a similar pet hate.
The rules say indicate to other road users.
A lot of drivers take that to just mean others cars, and do not indicate to pedestrians, cyclists or horse riders.

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