Driving a used car home without road tax?

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annie49 | 22:03 Sun 20th Mar 2011 | Road rules
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Hi can anyone tell me the legalities of driving a used car home from the dealers without road tax? I have taken out insurance on the vehicle and it would just be getting driven straight home. According to the dealer so long as we are just driving home and can produce our receipts as proof of and time of purchase if the police do stop us we should be alright . The insurance documents usually take about five working days to arrive and we are collecting the car before that. i was looking into the possibility of taxing 'online' but seemingly the tax disc would be sent out to the person they have on record as being registered keeper and of course that won't be us until the log books etc are actually handed over to us. just looking for advice if anyone can help. thanks


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Wont the dealer tax it for you, I wouldnt buy a car with no road tax
no cant drive the car without a current tax disc
If the car is on a public road it must be taxed.

Ask the dealer for the loan of his trade plates. (Offer a cash deposit, so that he knows he'll get them back). If the vehicle is displaying trade plates, it's taxed. (It temporarily acquires the registration number shown on the plates. That 'imaginary' vehicle will have had tax paid on it).

Drive the car home on trade plates, return (in another vehicle) to the dealer, hand over the plates and get your deposit back.

I think it would be illegal to drive it home without road tax, this in turn would invalidate your insurance too!........I would insist that the dealer tax the car before collection! ( even if you have to pay extra for this, I personally would not expect to collect a car that has not been taxed, and therefore legal to drive on a public road!)....
You will be driving an untaxed vehicle, it's as simple as that. Any decent dealer should sort out the Road Tax for you.
The last car I bought was an ex mobility car and the dealer arranged the change of class and taxed it before I took it away.
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I'll see if dealer will tax it for us. Thanks
Mine did, last time I bought a car.
No, No NO, welshlibranr !!!

Driving without tax does not, repeat DOES NOT invalidate your insurance !!
But it could invalidate parts of it, NJ.

An insurance company can't duck out of its responsibility to provide the statutory minimum (3rd party) insurance cover simply because a vehicle isn't taxed. (i.e. the driver couldn't be prosecuted for driving without insurance). However an insurance company is within its rights to include a provision which invalidates any additional cover (such as that in fire, theft or comprehensive policies) when a car is used without road fund tax.
I Chris, didn't know this!.............I stand corrected!..............
New Judge, thanks for enlightening me!......I always thought that no road tax meant that insurance was invalid!......However, I would never drive without both and a vlid MOT too!.........
News to me as well. I thought no tax therefore shouldn't be on the road therefore insurance invalid. Live and learn.
yes ladybirder, still would never chance it though! to make sure that I'm totally legal, and have fully comp cover at all times!....
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mdoo, which are what?
Yes, Chris, I was talking about RTA cover.
"...but there is never an allowance to drive without insurance"

EXCEPT when a security of £500,000 has been deposited with the Accountant General of the Senior Courts.
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Road Traffic Act Section 144 mdoo:


This section provides an exception to Section 143 (which requires compulsory Third Party insurance). By making the deposit the driver or owner is not insured but must meet the cost of any claims against him himself. I assume funds are taken from the £500k deposit in the event of the driver/owner refusing to pay up voluntarily.

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Driving a used car home without road tax?

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