Sorn fine, who's responsible?

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wigglebum | 12:08 Sat 05th Mar 2011 | Motoring
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If the tax ran out on a vehicle at the beginning of the month. That vehicle was then bought halfway through the month, who's responsibility would it be for the sorn fine? The previous owner as the tax ran out whilst he had it or the new owner for being stupid for not noticing it had not been sorned when he purchased it?


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How do you 'notice' that a vehicle has not been SORN'd? This would only become apparant if the buyer asked the question. IMO it's the previous owner (BTW which are you?)
Question Author
The new owners mrs
Both of you.

SORN is not transferable so the previous owner should declare it as SORN and then the new owner should immediately also declare the cars as SORN or get tax for it.
Tax runs out at the end of the month.
Question Author
Ok it ran out very last day of December!
Have you registered the car as the new owner?
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Chuck - if they declared it SORN how could they move it? They would have to get tax (unless they only bought it to look at on the previous owners property) which is why I say the previous owner is at fault.
They need to register it. the correct procedure for purchasing a car that's not taxed is to go to the post office straight away with the registration docs and either SORN the car as the new owner or tax it, either way the post office won't return the registration docs and will send them to the DVLA to be updated.
You're not giving much away...

Did the previous owners declare it sorn? Have you declared it sorn?
You can put it on a trailer or a dolly to move it (or of course just illegally drive it back to your own property untaxed, which is more likely)

But regardless the new owner has to also either declare SORN or tax the car straight away.
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We have now taxed the vehicle but whilst we were trying to do so the dvla automated service told us the vehicle had not been sorned and as the tax ran out at the end of December a penalty would apply.
The trailer option is unlikely, SoRN is patently ridiculous if you are intending to drive it, leaving only the option to tax it, making the previous owner 'mea culpa'
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Just to clarify we had a van pick it up. It was not driven back illegally.
When was it registered in your name?
Question Author
When we bought it middle of January
And did you tax it straight away?
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No as was waiting for hubby to pass his test, which wasn't booked till beginning of march which is when we sorted out tax and insurance. It's stupidity on hubby for not asking about it being signed off the road and stupidity on my part for not keeping an eye on hubby!!
I would say as owners you are responsible, it would be unfair to expect the previous owner to pay especially as the car has been left for the last few months. just pay the fine.

put it down as a lesson learnt
Question Author
I do plan to pay, will just have to wait for the fine to come through. I just would have expected a reminder or fine through the post?

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Sorn fine, who's responsible?

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