mondeo immobiliser problem

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goldheart | 15:33 Tue 15th Mar 2005 | Motoring
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Im posting this for a friend .. her Ford Mondeo will not start. A new starter motor and fuel pump was fitted and the key was recoded.
It seemed ok for a couple of weeks then failed to start one day after stopping at a garage.

Could this be the immobilser, or another problem? Please help - she doesnt wanna pay the earth through garages who cannot diagnose the problem!


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More info required, does the engine turn over? 
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At first it seemed like it was going to start, then just went dead... cannot get hold of her at this moment to get more info.

Even the AA man couldnt start it, he wasnt sure what it was but did the usual checks etc...


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Just heard back from her, the car doesnt start now... but the little immobilser light on the dash goes haywire when you put the key in, but as mentioned before, they key was recoded once already

does look suspiciously like the immobilser to me. Maybe take it to where the key was coded.
It might be an obvious question, but did she put the right type of fuel in?
i have the same prob and its not fuel

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mondeo immobiliser problem

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