Theory test ???

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DavideMexia | 17:46 Thu 10th Feb 2011 | Motoring
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I am taking my Driving theory test probabily next wednesday.
I have bought a dvd 2010/11 (theory test) and i have been through all the answers. My average is 48/50. The hazard perception, i think you have to antecipate before you see any hazard ahead. I mean, you have to click as soon as you see any hazard. The longest you take you lose points. The fastest you are you get the full 5 points.

I wanted to ask any driver if they advice me to take any further theory test or just stuck to these on the dvd. Anywhere online i can do anymore hazard perception or theory tests ?

Are you in same/ similar situation as me or have booked your theory test or have passed recently ?

I would appreciate your help?


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I did the hazard perception the first year it came in and still think it is the biggest waste of time when it comes to a driving test. I tried some online tests but they tend to respond slightly differently to the actual test so you pick up bad habits and will end up losing points. I would just stick to the DVD you have, assuming it is a DVLA reccommended one.
Is 48/50 a good pass or is that a percentage, whats the pass mark.

I never had to take it, so excuse me for asking.
i passed mine end of last year and i didn't really need to revise much, just ensure you have read the highway code. if you are prepared to do more practise then, go for it, it wont hurt to do as much as you can but i shouldn't worry if you have only done the DVD. it is mostly common sense. tip: dont click too many times for one hazard on the HP test, you lose points for rhythmical clicking. :-( have a look around online, do different practise tests etc... to get a feel for the possible questions you might be asked. you got 48/50 which is really good so i shouldn't think you will have any problems. good luck.
My son passed his practical a couple of months ago

He failed the hazard perception test twice.

Apparently if you anticipate too early it thinks you're guessing and rejects it or counts it against you so I wouldn't do that if I were you.

'fraid I did my test too long ago to be much help myself
You can get the theory test here, practice and practice...................

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Thank you guys for the answers.

Davethedog: the pass mark for multiple choice part is 43 out of 50
and Hazard perception test is 44 out of 75. You need to achieve pass in both parts to pass your theory test.

Toreman: The question for the theory you posted are all in the dvd rom. I practised them all. Thank you.

Benny3008: Thanks for the advise, you mean consecutive clicking ?
Yeah most of the questions are common sense.
I sat mine about 2 years ago and they had just introduced a case study part. I don't know if you would have gotten that on your dvd unless it was a brand new one. Anyway, it's not hard. They just put the questions into a little scenario. I think some people were caught out by it but it's just common sense like you said :)
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Yes erin-x i got that too. 5 questons case study.
Strongly advise you keep learning until you get 50/50.
Not understanding a sign / road law can get you killed, and to be fair I have yet to see a question in a driving theory test that did not have some relevence.
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yes i know. :)

I have been through all the tests again in the weekend. It took me few hours. I have booked the exam for next monday at 2:15. 31£ quid.

I am confidence . What about you ? Are you taking the theory exam next week ?


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Theory test ???

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