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Davethedog | 10:57 Tue 21st Dec 2010 | Motoring
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Can somebody, anybody, explain to me why when people are turning corners, they have to put the nose of the car in the opposite direction.

This morning driving down a two lane a side road, car turning left, sticks the nose of the car into the right side lane, causing me to brake and go to the other side of the road to avoide a collision.

They are on a London road not the Mirrabeau at Monaco, dangerous and stupid. They shouldn't have a licence.

It seems to happenm more and more often NO NEED.

Thank you rant over.


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lol yes I see people like that a lot, they think they are driving an artic rather than a renault megane
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They don't appear to be able understand why you have wheels on the car, I know some roads are very narrow and you have to make sure you don't cut it, but this bloke was going into Tescos?
You can rant all day about idiot drivers but you will get nowhere, there's to many of them and they don't know they are doing anything wrong!
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Unfortunately, you are so right. But I had to tell someone. :-)
Yes it is annoying and lots of people do it,Ive even seen motorcyclists do it,I just say bad driver to myself and forget it.
yeah it's like those numpties who zig zag their way up the motorway rather than staying in the middle lane.
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these are people who also can only drive nose into a parking space
R1 if you mean by weaving up the motorway you are implying the drivers who pull into the nearside lane when it is clear and then pull out again to pass slower moving traffic I think you will find they are driving within the rules of the road. The inside lane is the normal lane, any other lane on a motorway or multi-lane carriageway is purely for use while overtaking slower vehicles. Amazing how many people think the inside lane is for trucks, middle lane is for slow cars and the out side lane is for boy racers and reps!!!

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