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Mobius1 | 20:17 Tue 12th Oct 2010 | Motoring
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Had an MOT done at the local Kwik Fit today. The car passed the MOT but with advisory notes. One of the items relating to the front suspension was addressed at point free of charge because it related to work I'd already had done there. The other items were not. The branch manager told me that these problems weren't urgent and could "wait until next year".

The thing is, they said the same thing to me last year, and the advisory notices then were for the front suspension "play in rubber bushes on the front suspension top mounts". Last year it was advisory, and by the time I had it addressed a couple of months ago, it was so loose they told me it was dangerous. I am wondering if I should get a second opinion from another garage and maybe a quote for the work? I'm just concerned they're going to see £ signs if I come to them with an MOT advisory note form.

The car is a Nissan Micra 02 and the advisory items are as follows:

Offside front Macpherson strut has slight movement at the upper attachment [2.4.G.3] (Fixed free of charge)
Both Nearside/Offside front Suspension arms have slight play in a ball joint [2.4.G.3]
Offside front tie rod has slight play in a ball joint
Front (heat shield loose) Exhaust has per of the system slightly deteriorated [7.1.1a]

KwikFit also quoted me for the work should I want it done, Tie Rod job was £85, play in front ball joints £95 - I'm assuming for both with the latter since it doesn't say.


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Sorry .. but take whatever the Quick-Fit manager says with a pinch of salt.
I'm sure others who know I answer quite a few car questions will probably back me up when I say that Quik Fit have moments when they really try too hard to look for work and advise on un-necessary stuff to do.
Movement in MacPherson is a top mount/bearing, that can only be replaced.
Balljoints are gone .. or ok. Fix heatshield.
Get a local garage quote. Easy, quick jobs those.
Quite right AIBags. I really would steer clear of KwikFit Mobius. I applied for a job as KF manager once and the Area Manager told me that a manager's priority is to always increase the branch's weekly sales as that's a reflction of the manager's performance. The weekly figures come before customer service.

The jobs on the advisory sheet are straightforward and shouldn't cost as much as you were quoted. As AIBags says, go to a local independant repair shop preferably operated by the owner. They usually do a good job for a fair price as you are their personal customer, they want you to go back, and they want you to recommend them to others. The price should be much less than KF.
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Thanks for your advice guys. I took it to a local garage and after inspecting it they told me that it's actually the other tie rod that has some play in it, and that it was minor. They quoted me for work and gave a much lower price, but said it wasn't worth doing until a month or two prior to the next MOT.

I shall more than likely use them for the work when the time comes and get them to do the MOT as well. They were very friendly and the place seemed clean and well managed despite being busy.
Nice job! : )
Pleased for you.

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MOT Advisory Notes

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