Taxing my vehicle after getting a SORN.

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smurfchops | 18:00 Thu 10th Jun 2010 | Motoring
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I decided to scrap my car and apply for a SORN (off road notice) as my car has almost died, and a week later I changed my mind and managed to get an MOT for another year. So now I want to tax the car but every time I type in the number on the V11 form (tax reminder) it won't accept it. Apparently there is a number I can try and use on the Log Book (V5) and the only 11 digit number on the V5 form won't be accepted either. This is the number at the v ery bottom right where it says Document Ref No. So I can't tax my car online. Has anyone else had this problem ? Would I be better off to go to a Post office or will they have the same problem ? Wish I hadn't applied for the SORN in the first place now.


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Try doing it by phone, 0300 123 4321
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Hopkirk, the last time I tried to phone them, it was a robot and I could tax my car(or not) on the phone, but I couldn't speak with anyone. Can I actually speak with anyone on this number ? :)
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Yes Eddie I got an acknowledgement letter (V956). Where is the code though ? It says if I want to use the vehicle on a pblic road before the SORN runs out, I will need to tax it online, by phoning 03001234321 or at the Post Office. Maybe if I phone them I can actually speak with someone. It's getting on my nerves now. I dont like using these 0845 numbers, they are just a con.
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I un-sorned my car today at the Post Office – no forms to fill in, just hand over the V5C, MOT & insurance certificate and the money. Best to do it at the Post Office (you get your tax disc there and then). You are only allowed to drive a vehicle on the road without a tax disc displayed, if it was renewed on-line before the old disc expired – and even then, this exemption only lasts for 5 days. Therefore if you are un-sorning the car on-line, you will have to wait until the tax disc arrives and is displayed on the car, before taking it on road.

One possible reason for your difficulties is that the SORN form (V14) is based on you keeping the vehicle off road for at least the next 21 days (from the date of making the SORN). So if you have changed your mind within this time period, their systems might not be able to handle your request.
To prevent you declaring SORN and claiming the tax back if you go on holiday for 2/3 weeks and hence don't need the car

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Taxing my vehicle after getting a SORN.

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