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fairkatrina | 00:00 Thu 03rd Jun 2010 | Motoring
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I was travelling down an expressway near my home (that I have used at least once a week every week since I started to learn to drive 8 years ago) the limit is 60 and there is a gatso camera on each side (which have been there ever since I can remember). I was travelling through one of the cameras on Sunday, doing about 57/58mph (I know because I was looking at my speedo) and there was a flash, which I'm convinced was the camera going off. I was the only car on that part of the road (and the other camera isn't directly opposite so it wasn't on the other side) so if it did it was taking my pic. I'm steaming in case I get a ticket when I'm 100% certain that I wasn't speeding. If a ticket does arrive, do I have a hope in hell of contesting it, or will I just have to suck it up?


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You won't get one if you wasn't speeding....
Birds have been known to set them off.
What's an expressway?
The A5127 going into Birmingham is known as the Aston Expressway. It has a central lane that can be opened in either direction depending on volume of traffic ie rush hour
Did it flash twice? They take 2 pictures half a second apart, then the hatch lines on the road can be used to calculate your speed. If you where under the limit you'll be fine. If they try and prosecute you can ask for the pictures and calculate your speed yourself then plead not guilty if it turns out you where not speeding.

There is plent of precident for this.
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Thanks all!

Waterboatman ~ an expressway is just a fancy name for a dual carriageway (I was travelling past a new town that has loads of them and they're all called 'such-and-such expressway')

R1Geezer ~ I only saw one flash, so I'm slightly less worried now!

Ummm ~ I genuinely wasn't speeding, if I was I'd just get over it, because it'd be my fault, it's just that I know for certain that I wasn't that I'm irritated that I might get a ticket.
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