buying car without logbook

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rich8888 | 14:34 Wed 10th Mar 2010 | Motoring
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I looking to buy a car and the only I have enquired about the guy has said he has lost the log book but will give me a receipt for the car purchase and I can get one from the DVLA in 2 weeks

Is this possible? so what if i get receipt is really possible, and if i do want to buy car without the logbook what is the correct procedure?


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No way would I buy that.!!
If the story is genuine and the car is registered in the sellerś name then thing to do is to ask him to get the replacement log book and wait for it. The DVLA does supply replacement log books but only to an already registered keeper.
I agree with karl get him to supply a replacement log book or steer clear
barge pole springs to mind!
Personally I would look elsewhere: there are plenty of other cars out there. If you really want this particular vehicle, as KARL says wait for the replacement logbook...
Smell of fish.......................
Don't touch it with a barge pole until the guy comes up with a Log Book. It will detail all previous owners on there and as snags and the others state, go for another car if the owner cannot deliver. It could well be a dodgy buy.
It may be iffy, but not impossible,I have boiugt cars at auction with no logbook, and you just have to send in a V5C. First check it out thoroughly though and as above just get him to apply for the logbook first
playing a risky game, depends wether you know the seller or not, i wouldnt dream of trying to sell a car without a V5.
Walk away Rich, no log book "Why" Lost!! Heard that before. Walk away.
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Although most people who buy used vehicles are very satisfied with their purchases DVLA stresses importance of V5 Logbook
buying second-hand is fraught with pitfalls. Without an up-to-date V5 Logbook there is no way of checking the past history of a vehicle. It could have been an insurance write-off, it could have been stolen, cloned or even two halves of different cars welded together. The new buyers may find themselves with a vehicle they do not legally own. What seemed like a good deal at the time could prove to be an extremely expensive mistake. And all because they failed to check for the logbook.
No log book spells trouble, deceit, and danger to me......leave well alone, rich, unless owner supplies logbook from DVLA..... HIMSELF.
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buying car without logbook

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