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colin12 | 21:37 Thu 04th Mar 2010 | Motoring
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hi recently i allowed a family member to drive my car i was in the passenger seat when we got stopped by the police. my car is fully comp insured the driver is named on another policy it was my understanding he would be insured. i myself have lost my licence that is why the family member was driving.he has only passed his test 11 months ago.We have both contacted our insurance companies and turns out he was nt insured,it was a genuine mistake on my part if i had of known this i would never of allowed him to drive.The police have said they will put in there report it seems a genuine mistake which it was, we were not given anything from the police.this happened in scotland what happens now to both of us,is there a set time to receive notice? .I don t get my licence back until the end of the year. please help!!


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Normally they have six months from the date of the offence to do something about it.
You and the driver will almost certainly be prosecuted. You for allowing your car to be driven uninsured and he for driving it. No Insurance is an “absolute” offence – it is absolutely yours and the driver’s responsibility to ensure cover is in place.

You will both be fined about a week’s net income and receive a minimum of six points. For the driver this means revocation of his full licence (as he will have accumulated six points within two years of passing his test) and reversion to provisional status. Both parts of the driving test will have to be taken again.
"I though I was covered" - this happens all too often, why is it such and ordeal to check? Why do people still hold this ridiculous urban myth that fully comp seems to make driving without insurance ok? If a driver who does not own the car is to drive it he must have insurance that says on the certificate, words to the effect:
"may drive other vehicles not for hire or reward, not belonging to the policy holder third party only" if it doesn't say that then he/she is not insured, end of story.

The beak/plod have heard all the excuses under the sun, there is no mitigation here.
If you have lost your license wouldn't that invalidate your insurance anyway?

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