seatbelt doesnt retract quickly enough...

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joko | 21:40 Sun 31st Jan 2010 | Motoring
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my seatbelt doesnt retract quickly enough, it takes ages and it often ends up being shut in the car door...does anyone know how i can speed this up a bit?



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I'll be interested in your answers because mine does exactly the same. Other people in the passenger seats in my car don't seem to have the same problem, I thought it was just me!
Head to a garage and get it replaced. Don't mess with it unless you really know what your doing as they often have modules attached to them that go off to tighten the belt in an impact situation.
I hate dealers, their ethics and their overpriced parts, but on this occasion it's the safest option.
Thanks igglepiggle (this isn't my post but I appreciate the advice!). My car's due in for MOT/service in Feb so I will mention it to them then.
Pull right out. Check for fraying along edges. If there is just pilling, or some pulling, a trick that is often used is a lighter flame! It works.
spray and clean the whole belt with a spray silicone polish like Mr Sheen. Retract/extend a few times to check. Dirt and grime causes the belt to get sticky. This should cure it.
main cause is a tired retractor spring
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seatbelt doesnt retract quickly enough...

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