scrap value of old car batteries

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kim03333 | 15:24 Mon 14th Sep 2009 | Motoring
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hi, not quite sure if this is the correct topic area,but i have several old car and bike batteries which vary in size. can any one tell me how much they are currently worth at the scrap yard?
do they weigh them in as lead, or do they offer a price per battery?
many thanks, kim


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Hi, look in yellow pages for a local scrap metal dealer, depending how many you have they will give you a price.
Very little lead in batteries these days. Current scrap value is about £60-70 per tonne (if you can find someone to take them).
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...About 4 weeks ago I was in a scrapyard and someone brought about 6 batteries in...The guy who owns the yard said he would accept the batteries...but could'nt offer anything for them. as there was so little money in them after transporting them to a site where they deal with hazardous wastes etc.
....take them to your local re-cycling centre, they will accept them.
i know it sound a bit over the top but be wary how many you transport at a time, officially you need a licence to transport scrap batteries but not for new ones ...The logic behind it is if a vehicle was stopped with a quantity of batteries and they never had a licence it would be asumed they were going to launch them in the nearest ditch or field (having taken money of someone to dispose of them legaly)..
shant mention Transit tippers driven by people who live in caravans

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scrap value of old car batteries

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